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G2 Intelligence provides timely, accurate and trusted analysis and advice that improves the business performance of diagnostic testing laboratories and related medical services providers.

Clients gain immediate benefit from exclusive insight on market trends, legal and regulatory developments, and innovations that directly affect their operations, financial performance, and competitive position.
Insights to help your lab survive and thrive in today's pay-for-performance environment:
G2's Lab Value Series!
Reduce your regulatory risk, and get an advanced view of industry changes that impact the value of your organization.

Laboratory Industry Report

Stay informed with accurate, practical updates on the critical events shaping the future of the diagnostic laboratory industry.

G2 Compliance Advisor

Reduce the regulatory risk and potential liabilities of your diagnostics practice. It's a resource that no lab should be without.

National Intelligence Report

Governmental policy continually shapes the future for diagnostic testing services—does YOUR lab have the inside intelligence it needs to succeed?

Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies

Innovation and rapid uptake are feeding the growth of diagnostic testing—what do these changes mean for you and your organization?

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G2's FREE, weekly email gives you access to G2 market analysis, regulatory changes, M&A activity, leadership moves and more on the diagnostics industry. Recent articles include:

  • »Unencrypted Laptops Increase the Impact of a Burglary

  • »ONC Announces Over $35 Million in Funding Opportunities for IT

  • »ViveBio Strikes Licensing Deal For Renal Health Biomarkers

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